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KIKUWA sets forth "2010" as "The Year of Asia" Key Points for becoming the Leading Casting Company in Asia. With this in mind, we would like to introduce the following 4 key points.

KEY POINT 1:Personnel – Our Driving Force

Personnel - Our Driving Force

We believe in drawing out individual initiative and individuality to make use of a person's maximum ability.
Therefore, we encourage people from a young age to "stand up at the plate" and take as many swings life as possible and acquire an abundance of experiences.
What are your possibilities? Do you feel some inefficiencies? Take notice and create changes to improve.
Also, in order to grow as an professional, we do not wave all kinds of support by our company.

KEY Point 2:Diversification of Strategies

KEY Point 2:Diversification of Strategies

The core of KIKUWA's business operations is die casting.
But the continuous improvement in our machining, surface treatment, and mold design and manufacturing help to create successful scenarios in various market.
Through continual customer correspondence and exchange of ideas in such areas as automotive parts, medical equipment, and architectural components, our technology and experience continues to grow on a daily basis.

KEY Point 3: On Site Technology

KEY Point 3: On Site Technology

We aggressively introduce special die casting methods in such areas as vacuum die and squeeze die casting, and increase our problem solving abilities for issues facing our customers.
Also, various proposals are drawn up by on site professionals based on our continual improvements in daily operations.

KEY POINT 4: The Power of Collaboration

The Power of Collaboration

We positively execute collaborative projects linking our experience among varying business sectors with the provision of advanced machining technology to overseas lost-wax material manufacturers and casting machine manufacturers throughout the Asian market.
Through years of experience, with the Asian market as our base, our goals are to provide our customers with higher value added products in collaboration with our corporate partners and their proprietary technological prowess.

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KIKUWA ISO Standard Acquisition

ISO Standard Acquisition

ISO 14001 / JIS Q 14001
Ibaraki Plant Certification

ISO 9001 / JIS Q 9001
ISO 9001 Certification and registration office

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THAI KIKUWA ISO Standard Acquisition

ISO Standard Acquisition
ISO Standard Acquisition

ISO9001 ISO14001

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