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6 values

At Kikuwa,
we expect all employees
to keep growing.

Society and customer needs are always
changing, and customers will not continue
to choose us if we were to just do
the same things year on year.
Itʼs important that we each continually
reconsider how we do our jobs and willingly
take on new studies and challenges.
We believe that Kikuwa employees have
exactly the right attitude and enthusiasm
to continue changing themselves.

We expect Kikuwa employees
to be sincere always.

Being sincere means saying
what we really think.
If we really want to influence others in our work, sometimes weʼll need to say things
that are hard to hear or share bad news.
When weʼve communicated with enthusiasm and sincerity, other people will understand
how we feel and take action.
Letʼs try to have a sincere attitude in and out of the workplace.

Working at Kikuwa, we are all
individually responsible.

Be conscious that you take ownership of
the work entrusted to you and do your job.
We are more than welcome to express
our opinions to the boss or another
department to improve any situation.
Taking initiative and doing our job
doesnʼt mean criticizing others;
it means being conscious of taking
responsibility for our own results.

At Kikuwa, We value teamwork.

Teamwork isnʼt merely getting along or
helping each other out. It means having
the idea that “post-process is our customer.”
We should help each other with full completion of each responsibility.
First, thereʼs each of us being a professional
at our own jobs. Then, thereʼs an even
stronger organization when we cooperate
with our professional colleagues.
Letʼs strive to be that kind of organization.

At Kikuwa, always work with
the goal in mind.

If someone asks you to do a job, stand in
the other personʼs shoes and think,
“Why do they need this?”
Also, when you ask someone to do a job,
make sure to explain the ultimate goal.
Keeping the goal in mind also means considering other departments,
and the before & after processes,
as weʼre working. And to reach our goals,
itʼs crucial to have a plan B.
(plan B=alternative idea) By doing our work
while hypothesizing a wide variety of possible scenarios, we can achieve our goals.

Our individual work at Kikuwa
ultimately has to lead to
business results.

For business to contribute to clients and
society, and for it to make employees happy,
it needs to keep yielding profits.
That means we always have to be conscious
that our profit is the barometer of our
Individual employees do their best for
achievement of goals
while managers are reliably delivering results:
these are very important.

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