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Company Profile

An Overview of KIKUWA

Faundation July, 1974
Establishment November 15, 1975
Capital 33,000,000 yen
Management Shoji Kikuchi (Chairman)
Hideyuki Kikuchi (President)
No. of employees 73 (As of March, 2010)
Addresses Head Office: 36-16 Tokiwadai 1-chome, Itabashi-ku, Tokyo, 174-0071, Japan
Phone: ++81 3-3968-4181
Fax: ++81 3-3968-4183
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Ibaraki Factory: 3-34 Hanashimashinden, Tsukuba-shi, Ibaraki-ken, 305-0875, Japan
Phone: ++81 29-838-1311
Fax: ++81 29-838-0663
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Business scope Production of precision aluminum and zinc diecast products, and designing and manufacturing of die casting mold.
Retailed products Motor cycle and automobile components, electronics components, components for precision machinery, component for medical equipment, building fittings, etc.
Associated companies Thai KIKUWA Industries Co., Ltd.
ISO Certification ISO9001, ISO14001
Quality Policy To create reliable products from the customer's standpoint.
Environmental Principles We KIKUWA Corporation's Ibaraki factory, hold a deep recognition for the importance of environmental preservation. Our business activities help contribute to the improvement in maintenance of regional and global environments.
Environmental Tactics 1.Environmental management systems are constructed and operated within our business operations.
2.We recognize the environmental aspects within our business activities in this factory, and we continuously strive to improve our environmental management systems to prevent pollution.
3.We comply with all laws and regulations concerning the environment, as well as, with the requirements put forth by our stakeholders.
4.The goals and objectives of each the following items have been established to enhance environmentally friendly performance by promoting upgrade activities along with internal environmental audit reviews.
①Reduction in energy consumption
②Reduction in exhaust emissions
③Complete and aggressive separation of waste products
5.All employees at this factory recognize these policies, and the formalized management system is utilized effectively.
6.These policies are disseminated among all our employees and made open to the general public.


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KIKUWA ISO Standard Acquisition

ISO Standard Acquisition

ISO 14001 / JIS Q 14001
Ibaraki Plant Certification

ISO 9001 / JIS Q 9001
ISO 9001 Certification and registration office

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THAI KIKUWA ISO Standard Acquisition

ISO Standard Acquisition
ISO Standard Acquisition

ISO9001 ISO14001

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