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Manufacturing Process


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2:Design and Planning

We conduct CAD and CAM modeling, and by sharing information and forming close partnerships with our clients, we are able to provide excellent, high quality products with optimum cost performance.
Product prototypes can be manufactured with cutting tools and processes provided by our alliance companies.
Production with 1 Piece is possible.

3:Die Manufacturing

We Produced molds based on our drawings, molds should endure tens of thousands of shots and maintain their complex forms.
In order to meet customer specifications, we preform various inspections during the production process.


After completion of molds, we make trial production. In order to establish operational conditions and requirements necessary for mass production.


KIKUWA creates die casts in the way of materials and shapes according to our customer's needs through cooperation and coordination with our materials manufacturers' technological personnel.
Zinc Hot Chamber Die Casting Machines and Aluminum Cold Chamber Die Casting Machines are used in the casting process where congealed molds are removed after being formed from molten metal injected under high pressure.


Although it would be ideal that no post-processing was involved with die casting, After casting, machining is carried out according to material, accuracy, and shape where trimming, opening holes and screws are produced.

7:Surface Treatment

Different types of plating and rust prevention can be carried out in Japan in conjunction with our partner companies. THAI KIKUWA has the ability to carry out such processes as black anodized aluminum,zinc chromate conversion coatings, etc.


In collaboration with our partner companies, our Japanese operations can carry painting and coating according to customer's desired methods and specifications
THAI KIKUWA can carry out various coating and painting operations


Inspections (for accuracy, strength, etc.) will take place in accordance with customers' requests to check for irregularities.


Products are boxed and shipped in accordance with customer requests.we consider various shipping methods suitable to customers' preferred delivery dates.

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ISO Standard Acquisition

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